Mock Action: 5pm-6pm

The mock action is a chance to design and carry out a direct action to practice skills learned throughout the day of training.

We don’t know what the direct action will seek to change or how you will make that change. That is up to you.

5pm to 6pm: Organize into affinity groups, design and plan an action, take on different roles, develop a media strategy, and make any big art pieces or signs that will help make your message very clear. Snacks will be provided.

6pm to 7pm: Carry out the direct action in a realistic (fun but sometimes scary) atmosphere with your trusted affinity group, then debrief. After the action, dinner will be served.

We are looking for volunteers that we can coach to act as mock media, bystanders, police, angry bystanders, and other roles. If you want to play a role, please register, note that you want to help with the mock action, and let us know when you can come.